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Iconic Belgian chocolate brand Guylian is renowned for their seashell chocolates with roasted hazelnut praliné filling. Get immersed in our lush chocolate fever dream. Special thanks to videofy!… Read More

TV Channel Ident

Is bitcoin a good investment?Do anti-vaxxers benefit from herd immunity?Has the promise of sweets in return for behaving -more than anything- shaped our morality?Were we delighted when Ketnet asked us to make them an ident? Some questions are better left unasked, because the answer is so obvious.Some things just need… Read More

Catheter stabilization II

In 2020, Bedal expanded their product portfolio. Up to 80% of all possible catheter configurations can be stabilized using Bedal products. Where competitors need a unique product for each of hundreds of possible of configurations, Bedal needs only five. Bedal 4 is suitable for EPI… Read More