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A compilation of our favorite 3D and 2D animation work crammed into a showreel. How do you show all the creative videos you’ve made for artists brands and other amazing people in the past years? You make a montage combining all the 3D animation, crazy visuals, product renders, artwork, how-to… Read More

Lighting Bible 14

Delta Light

An eclectic animation that aims to inspire The Lighting Bible helps architects and lighting designers to create enticing lighting setups. Our goal was to create three videos that capture the essence of Delta Lights’ ultimate reference tool. Establishing a fantasy world… Read More

IQ Mini


A colorful 3D animation product render for IQ mini by SmartGames Easy to learn, hard to master. SmartGames We made a visually pleasing and colorful ad for the IQ Mini game by Belgian company SmartGames. SmartGames are multi-level logic games. Each game has a unique and innovative game mechanic with… Read More



Guylian: An iconic brand Belgian chocolate brand Guylian is renowned for its chocolate seashells with roasted hazelnut praliné filling. We made a lush chocolate fever dream in 3D for their 2021 TV campaign in the UK and Germany. Creamy marble seashells This project required… Read More

Return to Dust

High Hi

Return to Dust by High Hi, Lyric Video Lyric video and artwork for Return to Dust, the first single of High Hi’s epynomous 2022 album. We made a colourful graveyard, an ode to the cirlce of life. High Hi High Hi is an alternative pop band based… Read More

TV Channel Ident


A TV channel ident animation for Ketnet An ident is a short animation that television stations and networks use to identify themselves on-air. Candy is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. Ketnet is a Dutch-language public children’s television channel owned and operated by… Read More

Catheter stabilization II


In 2020, Bedal expanded their product portfolio. Up to 80% of all possible catheter configurations can be stabilized using Bedal products. Where competitors need a unique product for each of hundreds of possible of configurations, Bedal needs only five. Bedal 4 is suitable for EPI… Read More