Lion Beach is a Digital Visual Studio based in Antwerp that creates Art and Animations for great ideas.

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3D animation for products

Product video

We helped Smartgames present their new product “IQ Mini” with a colourful, energetic video full of close-up renders and smooth animation shots. This 3D product video ad can be found here.

3D render of light fixtures

Another example is the videos we’ve made through the years for The Belgian Lighting Design company Delta Light. We made videos for Soliscape (designed together with UNS), The magnetic line, the lighting bible 2022 and the Fragma line. Smooth and clean, photorealistic 3D renders convey the vision of Delta Light perfectly.

Medical Animation


Music video

Product render

How to Video

Sound Design

VR Experience

Digital Visual Studio Antwerpen

we are
Lion Beach
Visual Studio
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Lion Beach

Lion Beach is a visual design studio based in Antwerp, Belgium.

We’d love to talk if you’re looking for:

3D Animation, 2D animation, Instructional, Explainer or How-to videos, Music videos, Product renders, Motion Graphics, Medical animations, Artwork, Album Art, 3D illustration, Digital Design, Digital Art, Animated GIFs, GIF loops, Cgi, SFX (special effects), Foley, Sound design, Music production, Art Direction, Simulations, Motion Design, Video Production, Projection Mapping, Web Design, (Live) visuals, VR (Virtual Reality) Experiences & Games, and all other types of Computer Animation or Content Creation.

We use programs like:

Maxon Cinema 4D, Otoy Octane Render, Epic’s Unreal Engine, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro.



Animation ++ Music Video

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