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Lifecycles is a festival of inspiration and innovation, focused on architecture, project and city development. A prime selection of forward-thinking innovators and experts will be presenting their experience and insights, with the aim of setting the agenda for the future. Lion Beach designed the style and website. Read More

TV Channel Ident

Is bitcoin a good investment?Do anti-vaxxers benefit from herd immunity?Has the promise of sweets in return for behaving -more than anything- shaped our morality?Were we delighted when Ketnet asked us to make them an ident? Some questions are better left unasked, because the answer is so obvious.Some things just need… Read More

2020 Visual Style

Obviously the 2020 pandemic prevented the student kickoff festival from happening. But students – now more than ever – needed some distraction. In a much more challenging communication campaign, several smaller events scattered around the city of Antwerp were set up. This meant a different approach, with emphasis on flexibility,… Read More

Sattelites EP Cover

Compact Disk Dummies needed an otherworldly landscape for the cover of their latest release “Sattelites”. Let’s say we made the right calls and put them on different planets until we shot this image. Some say they’re still out there. Order the EP here… Read More

2019 Visual Style

Notoriously well-known among every Antwerp student, Studay is the official kick-off event of every new academy year. We developed the entire visual identity for the Studay brand. This includes the event’s poster and website, all on site communication and 3D animated content. Elements that defined the unique event… Read More

Cid Com

After our first intergalactic cooperation with the half-martians of SHHT, we’re proud to announce our second venture into space. We had the honor to make a spacey video for Raveyards’ outstanding track Cid Com. Nothing wrong with true devotion if it means total submission to rave culture. Read More

Megamix EP Cover

Starting from a photograph saved from the fiery ibiza sun where it was taken under, we put schmink together with vibe and came out with a pink and cyan filled sleeve for the debut of one of the most promising bands of 2018: Rumours.Megamix is already an instant classic. About Rumours:… Read More

Cult op Vrijdag

Belgian newspaper De Morgen selects a different artist every friday, to design the cover art for the cultural section “Cult op Vrijdag“. We made the cover for the January 19th, 2018 edition. Main theme of this release was the future of cinema and the… Read More