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Rome (Solve You)

Tsar B

The video for Rome is an imitation of a gaming stream. So we needed a game. So we made a little game. Complete with original Playstation look. Collect as many hearts as possible!Become the Queen Of Hearts!But watch out…… Read More

Mixing the Medicine

Absynthe Minded

“People crack – prescriptions are written.That’s because they don’t know how to bite and get bitten.” The video is our take on the worrysome opioid crisis in the United States. Music video for our friends from Absynthe Minded. Read More

Cid Com


After our first intergalactic cooperation with the half-martians of SHHT, we’re proud to announce our second venture into space. We had the honor to make a spacey video for Raveyards’ outstanding track Cid Com. Nothing wrong with true devotion if it means total submission to rave culture. Read More

UFO sfx

The Subs

“Ich flieg mit meinem UFO über deine Stadt” Three guys in suits came to us… It’s hard to remember, but we ended up doing special effects for The Subs’ UFO video. Read More

Lyric Video

Oscar and the Wolf

“On Fire’ is a song which has been in the works for a while and one I hold very close to my heart,” says Colombie of the new offering. “It’s a visual representation of being in a Zanzibar nightclub, when all of a sudden, a destructing fireball hits you, when… Read More

Pukkelpop 2018


Bazart, a band that doesn’t need any introduction in Belgium, already scoring three number 1 hits in the Vlaamse Ultratop charts and responsible for the greatest earwurm in the history of Flanders: “Liever snel dan de hel, dan traag naar de hemel” (in English: YOLO). Our goal was to create fierce, colourful… Read More


Tsar B

Did you know that female rattlesnakes give birth to live young? They carry the eggs around inside of their bodies for about 4 months before giving birth to live snakes! Music video for Tsar B’s Rattlesnake, a tribute to these wondrous creatures. Selected for the 2018 Denver Film Festival. Read More

King of the Mass

High Hi

This video for High Hi was inspired by the songtitle itself. Aim to win the lottery so you become a true King of the masses. Ignore all the hardship that comes with it. Read More

Justice De Julia II


The music video for “Justice De Julia II” by Brutus was made by us. The video is about the immersive nature of digital tools. In a world full of pressure and expectations, things like computer games offer great relief and distraction. Being absorbed in games, sometimes feels like… Read More