Lion Beach


Project - January 2021


Is bitcoin a good investment?
Do anti-vaxxers benefit from herd immunity?
Were we delighted when Ketnet asked us to make them an ident?
Has the promise of sweets in return for behaving -more than anything- shaped our morality?

Some questions are better left unasked, because the answer is so obvious.
Some things just need to be done, because one doesn’t have to think about it.

Thanks Ketnet for reaching out.

Shout out to all the other ident makers!
Eugene and Louise, Handmade Monsters, Beast Animation, Whojo, De Kwekerij and Hannibal.

Almost a second nature, returning to the mind of our five year old former self was easy.
What would we have loved to see? What kind of world would we have wanted to discover?

A world full of candy seemed obvious.

No animals were harmed during production.