Lion Beach

Fjord x Engie

Project - August 2016

Explainer Videos

Fjord is a design and innovation consultancy bureau . They developed a conceptual strategy for Engie. How will people deal with energy in the future? We were asked to visualize the vision Fjord designed.  Specifically: how it would work in the daily life of their customers? The target audience was Engie board members and employees. With the animation, it was possible to summarize the key features of the vision Fjord came up with. Enabling a quick heads-up for everyone not yet familiar with it.

The storytelling and scripting was a thorough cooperation with the designers at Fjord.  They proposed ways to tell their story, where we had a more adjusting role, to preserve a visual interesting and coherent story. We worked with the necessary methodologies and a well-structured time schedule to ensure the desired quality in the limited amount of time we had at hands.

For this project, we composed the accompanying music ourselves. Not every project is suitable for original music compositing, but it ads a lot of character which you’ll never achieve with precomposed music out of libraries. If the budget allows for this, we strongly recommend to choose for specifically composed music. It’s personal, it’s unique,… and it’s better.