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This is the Lab. Our personal blog.

Sometimes, we find some extra time to share insights on how we work, on new software, or just on useless stuff we find interesting.

This is probably the place where denying our true nature is no longer credible.

So yes, we’re nerds.

Background Pack: Spring 2018

H. Vanderkamp

It’s been a while since we released our first background pack, but after 448 days we felt the time was […]

Quick Tip: Funky patterns in Blender

H. Vanderkamp

Let’s get funky. Cycles’ material nodes are a great and easy tool to make funky, colourful patterns. The nodes we […]

Background pack 2017/1

D. Gonzalez

Because until now there was no other way to test if your smartphone is ‘drool-proof’, because we love you, and […]

We Reviewed 11 Remixes Of Calm After The Storm

K. Mooder

Photo: Albin Olsson License: CC BY-SA 3.0 The 10th of May will be the third anniversary of the second place […]

RIP Panther Coast

K. Mooder

A few months ago we started a separate service by the name of Panther Coast. But as you could have […]