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Video Wishes 2020


Butik is an Antwerp-based marketing agency, specializing in tailored premium activation campaigns that suit your brand’s size and style. Together with Telenet, they came up with the idea of ingenious video wish cards. They asked us to help ignite the holiday spirit by making a cheerful visual short featuring the… Read More

Monitoring Patch


The Pulsify Patch wants to bring peace of mind The Pulsify patch is a device that can continuously monitor several key heart parameters. Located on their chest, the patch allows the patient to move around freely. The patch monitors the patient’s heart condition closely, while not interrupting their everyday lives. The… Read More

Hydrophilic Waterstops


Besealed produces proprietary hydrophilic waterstops, to keep concrete constructions watertight. We created step-by-step animations that illustrate correct application of their products. Read More

Catheter stabilization II


In 2020, Bedal expanded their product portfolio. Up to 80% of all possible catheter configurations can be stabilized using Bedal products. Where competitors need a unique product for each of hundreds of possible of configurations, Bedal needs only five. Bedal 4 is suitable for EPI… Read More

Rapid Data Analytics


Tercen aims at empowering researchers by the means of visual programming tools to remove technical barriers. With the help of Tercen, researchers have access to high-end data science resources and techniques to generate insights with their multivariate datasets. Read More

Catheter Stabilization I


Catheters are a vital part of the medical treatment. In order to work properly and to avoid displacement and failure rates of catheters, they need to be stabilized. Bedal has developed a unique proprietary catheter stabilization technology that delivers a very secure and widely applicable catheter stabilization, while being easy… Read More