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26 Days of Type

About a week before 36 days of type started, we decided to join the fun. Full of courage and with no less than 3 letters finished in advance, what was the worst that could happen? Real quick, we had to come up with a new record player design and song… Read More

TV Channel Ident

Is bitcoin a good investment?Do anti-vaxxers benefit from herd immunity?Has the promise of sweets in return for behaving -more than anything- shaped our morality?Were we delighted when Ketnet asked us to make them an ident? Some questions are better left unasked, because the answer is so obvious.Some things just need… Read More

Magnetic 2020

3D content for Delta Lights Magnetic profiles. The challenge was to match our cgi content the best we could to the live action footage. Lamps and lights are difficult to capture in real life because of the great difference in brightness between the lamp and its surroundings. 3D software can easily… Read More

2019 Visual Style

Notoriously well-known among every Antwerp student, Studay is the official kick-off event of every new academy year. We developed the entire visual identity for the Studay brand. This includes the event’s poster and website, all on site communication and 3D animated content. Elements that defined the unique event… Read More


We made the teaser for the 2017 edition of Strangelove festival. Strangelove is an alternative arts festival on gender diversity and sexual identity. The teaser is a shortened version of our art project “Primitive”. In 3d software, the primitives are a collection of shapes which form the building blocks for making… Read More