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A true Renaissance man, Francois De Meyer released no less than four albums in 2020. Under his KYEM alias, Stainless was released as a single for the album “Born in June”. Read More


94A9 is High Hi’s first single of their sophomore album “Firepool”, released in 2020. The video is a mixture of 80’s nostalgia and Yeet. Read More


We are truly honored to have been part of a great team that put together this dreamy surreal video for Blanches Empire. Inspired by surreal painters like Gertrude Abercrombie and Rene Magritte, the video takes you through several meticulously crafted compelling scenes. All housing in a desolate concrete building that… Read More


What better way to dance to this song than mimicking an inflatable tube man?Lyric video for 16 by Equal idiots. Read More


“Borders”is High Hi’s second track of their sophomore Album “Firepool”. This eclectic pop song is about visible and invisible borders and we tried to reflect that through AI generated images. We used Artbreeder to not only create these different faces, but also to shift and morph between them. The result… Read More

Rome (Solve You)

The video for Rome is an imitation of a gaming stream. So we needed a game. So we made a little game. Complete with original Playstation look. Collect as many hearts as possible!Become the Queen Of Hearts!But watch out…… Read More

Mixing the Medicine

“People crack – prescriptions are written.That’s because they don’t know how to bite and get bitten.” The video is our take on the worrysome opioid crisis in the United States. Music video for our friends from Absynthe Minded. Read More