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Iconic Belgian chocolate brand Guylian is renowned for their seashell chocolates with roasted hazelnut praliné filling. Get immersed in our lush chocolate fever dream. Special thanks to videofy!… Read More

26 Days of Type

About a week before 36 days of type started, we decided to join the fun. Full of courage and with no less than 3 letters finished in advance, what was the worst that could happen? Real quick, we had to come up with a new record player design and song… Read More


How do you get great engineers? By indoctrinating young kids! Special thanks to producer Jeroen Broeckx… Read More


Lifecycles is a festival of inspiration and innovation, focused on architecture, project and city development. A prime selection of forward-thinking innovators and experts will be presenting their experience and insights, with the aim of setting the agenda for the future. Lion Beach designed the style and website. Read More

TV Channel Ident

Is bitcoin a good investment?Do anti-vaxxers benefit from herd immunity?Has the promise of sweets in return for behaving -more than anything- shaped our morality?Were we delighted when Ketnet asked us to make them an ident? Some questions are better left unasked, because the answer is so obvious.Some things just need… Read More

Video Wishes 2020

Butik is an Antwerp-based marketing agency, specializing in tailored premium activation campaigns that suit your brand’s size and style. Together with Telenet, they came up with the idea of ingenious video wish cards. They asked us to help ignite the holiday spirit by making a cheerful visual short featuring the… Read More

Monitoring Patch

The Pulsify patch is a device that can continuously monitor several key heart parameters. Located on their chest, the patch allows the patient to move around freely. This enables close monitoring of the patient’s heart condition, while not interrupting their everyday lives. The video highlights the product key features and illustrates… Read More