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Tsar B

Did you know that female rattlesnakes give birth to live young? They carry the eggs around inside of their bodies for about 4 months before giving birth to live snakes! Music video for Tsar B’s Rattlesnake, a tribute to these wondrous creatures. Selected for the 2018 Denver Film Festival. Read More

King of the Mass

High Hi

This video for High Hi was inspired by the songtitle itself. Aim to win the lottery so you become a true King of the masses. Ignore all the hardship that comes with it. Read More

Justice De Julia II


The music video for “Justice De Julia II” by Brutus was made by us. The video is about the immersive nature of digital tools. In a world full of pressure and expectations, things like computer games offer great relief and distraction. Being absorbed in games, sometimes feels like… Read More



What doth life? Featured in Focus Knack and Noisey Nederland. Read More

Ident 2018

Open VRT

Open VRT asked us to create a MTV-like ident. We created 5 colourful scenes, briefly flashing in one short fast-paced animation. Short but packed with lots of detail, to accentuate the creative nature of Open VRT. Seperate images for each environment were made to use in presentations, cover images, profile… Read More

Puurs 725

Stad Puurs

In 2017 the city of Puurs celebrated its 725th birthday and got itself a birthday present: a new carillon! Lion Beach was invited to make a projection mapping on the Sint-Pieters church. The result was a 10 minute spectacle with live music by the blind(!) carillonneur. We told a visual… Read More

A Zoo for You


For the 2017 edition of Pukkelpop we teamed up with Beam inc. for an epic 24x8m projection mapping on the festival site. Titled “A zoo for you”, we explored different character and animation styles for this project. We divided the containers into 7 different cages containing weird animals, best described… Read More



We made the teaser for the 2017 edition of Strangelove festival. Strangelove is an alternative arts festival on gender diversity and sexual identity. The teaser is a shortened version of our art project “Primitive”. In 3d software, the primitives are a collection of shapes which form the building blocks for making… Read More