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Projects related to Animation

Hydrophilic Waterstops


Besealed produces proprietary hydrophilic waterstops, to keep concrete constructions watertight. We created step-by-step animations that illustrate correct application of their products. Read More

Catheter stabilization II


In 2020, Bedal expanded their product portfolio. Up to 80% of all possible catheter configurations can be stabilized using Bedal products. Where competitors need a unique product for each of hundreds of possible of configurations, Bedal needs only five. Bedal 4 is suitable for EPI… Read More

Rapid Data Analytics


Tercen aims at empowering researchers by the means of visual programming tools to remove technical barriers. With the help of Tercen, researchers have access to high-end data science resources and techniques to generate insights with their multivariate datasets. Read More



We are truly honored to have been part of a great team that put together this dreamy surreal video for Blanches Empire. Inspired by surreal painters like Gertrude Abercrombie and Rene Magritte, the video takes you through several meticulously crafted compelling scenes. All housing in a desolate concrete building that… Read More

Magnetic 2020

Delta Light

3D content for Delta Lights Magnetic profiles. The challenge was to match our cgi content the best we could to the live action footage. Lamps and lights are difficult to capture in real life because of the great difference in brightness between the lamp and its surroundings. 3D software can easily… Read More


Equal Idiots

What better way to dance to this song than mimicking an inflatable tube man?Lyric video for 16 by Equal idiots. Read More


High Hi

“Borders”is High Hi’s second track of their sophomore Album “Firepool”. This eclectic pop song is about visible and invisible borders and we tried to reflect that through AI generated images. We used Artbreeder to not only create these different faces, but also to shift and morph between them. The result… Read More

Rome (Solve You)

Tsar B

The video for Rome is an imitation of a gaming stream. So we needed a game. So we made a little game. Complete with original Playstation look. Collect as many hearts as possible!Become the Queen Of Hearts!But watch out…… Read More


Delta Light

3D content for Delta Light to showcase the Fragma’s LED Caset® technology.Live action footage by Beeldcollectief. Read More