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We Reviewed 11 Remixes Of Calm After The Storm

Lab - January 2017

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Photo: Albin Olsson License: CC BY-SA 3.0

The 10th of May will be the third anniversary of the second place in the Eurovision Song Contest of the Netherlands. This is thanks to the The Common Linnets and their song “Calm After The Storm”. We are very grateful for this song as it has produced many beautiful remixes which we will discuss today.

The one with the police

It’s unclear who made the original mash-up with The Common Linnets and The Police, but there’s a dozen videos about it. We chose the one with the lyrics and the weird photos of models that in no way resemble the song. Keep your ears open for the bridge at 2:07!

The one with the police and the extra drummer

This remix stood out thanks to the extra drummer that decides to join the song after four seconds. Thanks man!

The one with the Piano Intro

What’s up with this piano intro?! The best thing ever, that’s what’s up! Besides the intro definitely check out the majestic final of this song starting at 2:20. This really is something else!

The one that sounds like every song I hate

This one sounds like it was made by Lost Frequencies. Where is this lifeless beat going?

The one with the deep house sound

No list of remixes is complete without the “ultimate summer deep house remix”. Thanks Kygo, I mean Hofnar.

The one with the experimental sounds

I wasn’t planning on including this one until I noticed the weird sounds. A good example is heard at 2:50. This is my new favourite build up of all time. Thanks MVDB, whatever that means.

The one that was criticised

Sometimes things just don’t work out. Dj George gave it a try but it just didn’t work. To quote another youtuber: “It’s VERY VERY not Good, Chris”. Neither he or George is named Chris but whatever.

The one with Armin

This one is just not good. It hurts. Mashup style. What happens around the 1-minute-mark is horrible, and continues throughout the rest of the track.

The one with the weird voice

First remark: what’s with the corporate weird logo?! Second remark: Thank you for altering the vocals, the song now sounds like it was performed by three guys who have no idea what they are doing.

The one by DJPJ

“I already loved the original song, but it lacked a little bit of punch.” If you felt that way you did a good job, but I didn’t feel that way.

The one with The Melodians

If you like the sound of someone trying to understand an audio mixer before trying to capture the concept of syncing tempos this might just be the one for you.


It was a weird ride but I’ve had some once in a lifetime experiences. After three years a lot of people have tried and almost all of them have failed. There were some brilliant covers which I had to mention. Sorry for not including the nightcore and chipmunk remixes, but there’s already enough tears in the world.

Did you find a better remix or cover? Send it to us!

Shoutouts to these covers

The ‘Metal’ Cover:

The Idol Audition Cover:

The cover that starts with a terrible wink:

The best intro and the worst pronunciation:

It’s Over.

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