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RIP Panther Coast

Lab - October 2016

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A few months ago we started a separate service by the name of Panther Coast. But as you could have guessed, it will cease to exist.

Why Panther Coast

Panther Coast was meant as a very clear service aimed at product designers. We felt conflicted about merging our creative work with our corporate work, so we created a very clear service: We animate your 3d models and make them look awesome. We even created an awesome video for it:

We made a website explaining our service with the example of a bike. It looked good and it convinced a few people, but we later realised that this didn’t solve our initial problem: how do we explain to businesses what we are capable of delivering? While still keeping our artistic work separate?
To fix this issue, we added a video to the panther coast website also showcasing 2d animation and other stuff.

This didn’t fix anything, it just made everything very confusing.

Lion Beach Studio

Soon we realised that we had taken a wrong turn. Panther Coast is a cool name, but it was confusing and gave us an extra business to market and care about. Why not just be clear about it?

Lion Beach is an animation studio. At Lion Beach Studio we create together with clients what they want. At Lion Beach Core we create what we want, for someone else or for ourselves.

Does someone have a good idea for PantherCoast.com?

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    A resort for retired cats.

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