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Lab - October 2016

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If you’re curious about learning 3D art and animation, don’t hesitate and download blender today.

This is a short list with excellent tutorial channels on Youtube. They are free, just like Blender.

Starting out:

  1. Tutor4u – The most essential tutorials to start with: Easy to follow with lots of different aspects. You’ll quickly adapt an effective and consistent workflow.
  2. Blender Guru – The best known learning source. Check the beginner series. (Haven’t checked it out myself, but probably worth watching.)
  3. Darrin Lile – Not exactly for beginners in general, but great step-by-step approach on specific aspects of 3D (retopologizing, uv-mapping, etc.)

Building skills:

  1. CG Cookie – Great tutorials on a great variety of subjects. But be warned: lots of videos with only the first part being for free.
  2. CG Geek – Lots of output oriented tutorials, so mostly satisfying when finished.
  3. Cynicat Pro – More technical approach, interesting stuff on PBR.
  4. Gleb Alexandrov – Advanced blender skills required. Lots of great tips but requires a fundamental understanding of Blender, CG and light in general. Very creative.
  5. gr8effect – Among the most creative tutorials and techniques.

Cheers, P.

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