Core Project:

Lion Beach x Ralph Collier

  • April 2016

An art project by Ralph Collier where the “Openluchttheater” in Antwerp stood central, a music venue in open air in the middle of the “Rivierenhof” park. An urban legend speaks of a man who keeps throwing random books over the fence of the park. This happens quite regularly, and it’s been happening for the last 10 years or so. We made a 3D impression of a 60’s version of the park and the theater,re using various real-time rendering techniques.

This was a very challenging project because it was a ten minute movie, consisting of 14,400 frames. Modeling and uv unwrapping was done in Cinema 4D. The scene was built and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. We have a blog post about this adventure.

A short version

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