Lion Beach


Project - August 2016


Optomatters is a Belgian company specialised in optometrics.
Our goal was to make a video to attire interest from a broad public to the ‘dull’ subject of optometrics.

Optometrics is a controversial subject. So we wanted the message to be neither condescending nor contested. A playful approach, where the message suggests that taking care of your eyes – like you take care of your body by working out – is important.

We came up with an over the top animation full of references to the eighties, weird fitness videos, and bad taste in general.
We received quite some feedback on the poorly synchronized lips. This was actually done intentional. It was inspired by dubbed teleshop commercials and the eerie atmosphere and mouth movement from thunderbirds.

The Video


About the collaboration

This project was in many ways an ideal project. It took some time to pinpoint the exact message the client wanted to convey, but once we found this, the fun started.
We were able to work very streamlined, with clear deadlines and good agreements. We didn’t go around in circles and were able to book significant progress every meeting.
It was very liberating to work with clients who understand the bottom-up hierarchy of animation: they realised you don’t simply rewrite the script when you already started animating.

So thanks, Christian and Sonja!